When we build our RV we decided to go all-electric, meaning no propane. Why? Well, to be honest, safety. We just did not feel comfortable with the thought of propane on board so when it came to choosing a fridge/freezer, we had to look for other alternatives than your standard RV Fridge and we ended up with a 12V, 9cu/ft Solar Fridge/Freezer Combo. We can run this fridge indefinitely on our battery and solar setup!

Our Fridge

This Unique 9 cu/ft 12V Fridge/Freezer Combo is perfect for solar applications such as our RV.

Power Consumption

From what we see, it uses about 55 Watts at 12V while running. Its on for about 10 to 20 minutes then turns off for 10 to 20 and back on again. All in all, it uses an average of 2 amps per hour, so 48 amps in a 24 hour period. Thats extremely low!

Why We Chose This Unit

Really there is only one main reason… it runs on 12 Volts so directly off of the batteries without the need of propane or an inverter.


Since this is not designed for RV applications, you need to figure out a way to mount it. We ended up installing a metal bracket on the top of the fridge, using the factory screw holes for when you flip the doors. This has worked really well.

To keep the doors closed on travel days, we recommend these Safety Locks (not an Afiliate Link)


  • Total size: 9.0 cu/ft. – 260L
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 64” x 21.4” x 22.4”
  • Weight: 93 lbs. / 42 kg
  • Operation: DC power, 12V / 24V
  • Total Watt. Hr. Draw (24V DC): 572 Wh/ 24 hrs (set to -14˚C freezer/+4˚C fridge performance in a +25˚C ambient)
  • Total Amp. Hr. Draw (24V DC): 24 Ah/ 24 hrs (set to -14˚C freezer/+4˚C fridge performance in a +25˚C ambient)
  • Power consumption: 56 W on 12V/24V
  • Average Run Current: 4.5A on 12V – 2.5A on 24V
  • Fridge Temp. Range: -4°C to + 10°C
  • Freezer Temp. Range: -15°C to -6°C

Where to Buy?

Here is the link to Uniques entire lineup of Solar Fridges!

We got this unit from Costco.com so I would check there first!

Looking for Input!

Something missing? Are you looking for some numbers that we haven’t shared? Please message us on Social Media!



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