Oh April… I’m sure most can relate. We hunkered down at Mi Mountain Campground, just north of Franklin, NC, and watched as the mountains turned green. During our self-quarantine, we focused on work and keeping Braxton entertained. We only went grocery shopping once, in the entire month of April and teased each other with restaurants we craved. We hope that things return to normal (whatever that will look like) so we can continue on our travels in May.

Miles and Fuel

Total Miles: 289
Towed Miles: 0⠀
Fuel Cost: $55.23⠀
Days Traveled: 0
States: NC

NC Fuel Stats

Gallons of Premium: 22.1
Average Price Paid: $2.49
Total Gas Cost: $55.23
Miles Driven: 289
Average MPG: 13.5


RV Parks: 30 Nights ⠀
Rent: $445.68


Full Hookups: 30 nights


30 nights in NC

We got lucky and found a privately owned campground in North Carolina which offered full hookups for around $15.00 a night. The perfect place to stay during COVID-19, practice ‘social distancing’ and safe every penny.


Groceries: $754.60
Restaurants: $0

It has been 63 days since we have been in a restaurant (Braxtons B-Day) and 54 days since we have had takeout (Pizza day at FTF)
We (well… Jessa) has been to the grocery store only once, spending $450. The rest has been Amazon orders.⠀


$377.24 for RC Car
$214.70 for new Truck Battery and Battery Charger
$102.74 for Face Masks

We needed a way to keep us all entertained and spend some much needed time outside so we invested in a TRAXXAS RC Car! So much fun!
After sitting for several days (no driving) the truck battery started to give us issues so we had to get a new one.
Face Masks… new normal.

See the Instagram Post for April 2020 Stats