We hit the road in August of 2019. To be more specific, we left Phoenix Metro Area and headed north on August 13th. The first part of August was spent moochdocking at friends who graciously let us crash in their guest suite while we borrowed their tools and finished the truck and trailer. Our budget for August is a bit vague but at least we had some numbers to share with you!

Miles and Fuel

Once we truly hit the road, we drove a total of 1,060 miles, 961 miles of which were towing going from Phoenix, Arizona to Driggs, Idaho. That month we spent $327 on fuel.

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In August we Moochdocked for 12 days.
Boondocked 2 days.
Harvest Hosted 2 days RV Parks/Campgrounds for a total of 15 days.
Our total cost to stay at the RV Parks/Campgrounds to $571.

We promise to work on our budget so we can start sharing more numbers with you.