April 2021 Statistics

On April 2nd it was time to say ‘see you in the fall’ to South Padre Island and hit the open road. Where are we now? Well… after towing our home 2,549 miles, through 16 states, we are in Maine! Here is a list of our Stays! (Click Image to Read more…

March 2021 Statistics

We spent all of March at Isla Blanca Park, on South Padre Island, Texas. Yup, we extended again and got to see Starship SN10 take flight AND LAND!!! We also got to hear (it was foggy) SN11 BUT it exploded on engine re-light. Needless to say, it was a month!

February 2021 Statistics

We spent all of February at Isla Blanca Park, on South Padre Island, Texas. It was a great start to the month, watching Starship SN9 Launch, Bellyflop, and explode on heavy landing! A week later, we found ourselves battling the elements as the Polar Vortex hit Texas. Even with us Read more…

January 2021 Statistics

We spent all of January at Isla Blanca Park, on South Padre Island, Texas, waiting… waiting for SpaceX Starship SN9’s test flight! Let’s say it was a long month, but we had the beach! Here is a list of our Stays! (Click Image to view)

2020 Budget

We started 2020 in Freeport, TX, went East to Florida for the Fulltime Family Reunion. Headed north to NC for quarantine. Up to Maine to hit our No. 1 Goal of 2020. Down to Cape Cod to say goodby to family moving to Europe. Then all the way West to Read more…

December 2020 Statistics

Most of December was spent back in AZ for work and to get some repairs done on the trailer. On December 22nd we decided to hit the road once more to finish 2020 on South Padre Island, Texas… a clear view of SpaceX and Starship SN9!

November 2020 Statistics

The start of November was spent with our good friends, the Taylors, in Albany, Oregon. After a heartfelt goodby, we booked it through California to get back ‘home’ to Gilbert, Arizona… mainly for work. Its not fun to be back in AZ. Our alergies always hit us hard but at Read more…

September 2020 Statistics

On September 8th we said goodby to Dan’s mom who flew out to Portugal where she will be retiring. On the same day, we started our insane cross country trip to the west coast and to explore Michigan along the way. 3,317 miles, 13 states, in 12 days!

August 2020 Statistics

On August 1st we celebrated our first year on the road watching the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. The rest of the month was spent in Maine and Massachusetts waiting for Oma and Opa (Dan’s mom and husband) to arrive in Cape Cod. We got to spend Read more…