On December 2nd we said goodbye to our dear friends, @TheTravelingTaylorTribe in Bernalillo, NM and headed south to White Sands, over to Carlsbad and then into Texas. We explored Waco, TX before heading to our beachside stay in Freeport, TX which gave us access to Houston to spend the Holidays with family.

Miles and Fuel

New Mexico miles (below) are from Bernalillo, NM down to White Sands, over to Carlsbad and into Texas.

Texas we towed down to a beachside RV Resort in Freeport, TX. The rest of the month we drove in and out of Houston (76 miles away) to spend the holidays with family.

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NM Fuel Stats

Gallons of Premium: 47.7⠀⠀
Average Price Paid: 2.78⠀⠀
Total Gas Cost: 135.69⠀⠀
Miles Driven: 569.8⠀⠀
Average MPG: 12.4⠀

TX Fuel Stats

Gallons of Premium: 163.5⠀⠀
Average Price Paid: 2.80⠀⠀
Total Gas Cost: 467.25⠀⠀
Miles Driven: 2,067.1⠀⠀
Average MPG: 13.1⠀


Full Hookups: 23 days⠀
Partial Hookups: 6 days⠀
Generator Needed: 1 night⠀
Full Solar: 1 day⠀

In New Mexico we still had 30 degree nights so we stayed at an KOA in White Sands and a State Park at Carlsbad with electric hookups. Once we were in Texas we got to stay at some Harvest Hosts but still needed a generator one night as it dropped into the 30’s again.

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⠀You could call the restaurants an unexpected expense but let’s be realistic, we are foodies and this will be our biggest challenge for 2020.⠀⠀
This month was spent exploring and spending time with family which translates to restaurant, bars, and coffee shops. We hardly did any cooking and to be honest, family picked up the tab more times than not which is not reflected in the cost. It was a month of eating and be merry!

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