Hello, we are the Koppenhofer Family and in 2018 we decided to build a Travel Trailer, sell everything we had, and hit the open road.


Dan has always loved the idea of adventure but got stuck in the routine of daily life. As a tinkerer, the idea of building our rig was right up his alley. Only time will tell if that was the right choice.


Jessa has always been a free spirit. Never content to stay in one place for too long. One of her greatest challenges is finding a balance between daily life and a life worth lived.


Braxton is our full of spunk five year old and one of the main reasons why we chose the Nomadic Life. Brax is happiest in nature. Give him dirt and he is content for hours.


Toothless is our 2018 Ram 1500 HEMI Truck which we purchased specifically for this Nomadic Life. Full writeup coming soon!


Spirit is our custom built 1972 Boles Aero Travel Trailer and our problem child. Full writeup coming soon!



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