For the first half of January, we were still at Blue Water RV Resort in Freeport, TX to hang out with family in Houston and to go see some of Houston’s attractions. On January 13th we took off to Corpus Christi and even though it was not a Friday, it was the start to a rough year. From getting stuck on the beach, breaking some expensive equipment due to Texas roads and getting sick… Hopefully, 2020 will turn around quickly!

Miles and Fuel

Most of January was commuting miles to and from Freeport, TX to Houston to spent time with family and explore. On January 13th we set off to Corpus Christi, up to San Antonio and we ended the month in Bastrop, TX just outside of Austin.

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TX Fuel Stats

Gallons of Premium: 183.65

Average Price Paid: 2.69

Total Gas Cost: $494.45

Miles Driven: 2,279

Average MPG: 13.1


Full Hookups: 25 days⠀
Partial Hookups: 1 day⠀
Generator Needed: 1 day⠀
Full Solar: 4 days⠀

We wanted to do more Boondocking in January but after getting stuck on the beach in Corpus Christi, breaking some stuff and getting sick it kinda turned things around for us.

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Groceries: $918.23

Restaurants: $710.58

You guessed it… New Years’ same old story… food is still not under control.

Unexpected Expenses

Drive Day Casualties⠀
– Berkey $278⠀
– Induction Cooktop $89⠀

Fulltime RV Life has it’s perks but certain move days are harder than others. In our case we had a rough month of move days that cost us a pretty penny. Texas roads are no joke & they have made things fly out of very secure areas. It became stressful to open the door after a drive day… cause there was always something broken or shattered.

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