We spent all of January at Isla Blanca Park, on South Padre Island, Texas, waiting… waiting for SpaceX Starship SN9’s test flight! Let’s say it was a long month, but we had the beach!

Here is a list of our Stays!
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Rent Cost

We spent a total of $781.79 which includes our monthly Thousand Trails membership of $173.62 even though we did not stay at a TT this month. So that’s an average of $25.22 per night.

ELECTRIC: Isla Blanca Park charges for electricity! We used a whopping 103kWh for the entire month (that’s with our solar substituting) at $0.11 per kWh that’s only $11.33 for the month. We were told that the average most people spend on electric  is around $60.


State Park:     31 nights

Technically Isle Blanca Park is a County Park.


Full Hookups:      31 days



Miles & Fuel

Total Miles:       769
Towed Miles:        0
Days Traveled:     0
States: Texas

Gallons of Premium: 41.81
Average Price Paid:   $2.44/gal
Fuel Cost:                    $106.25

Toll:        $0.00
Parking: $0.00



Laundromat:            $37.50
Laundromat Visits: 2
New Clothes:            $38.91


Groceries:      $807.83
Restaurants: $483.82

RV Connectivity

We had to cancel OTR Mobile due to them losing their AT&T contact… kinda. Really need to do a video about this. So we switched to Cricket which cost us $90 for the month plus $39.24 for service activation. Our RV setup consists of a NETGEAR Nighthawk MR1100 SIM Card Router connected to two Proxicast High Gain, Wide-Band, Omni-Directional Antennas.

Phones and Devices

$244 for two iPhones 11Pro on the ‘Get More Unlimited’ Plan and one iPad on the Unlimited Plan. This includes monthly payments on the iPhones!
The ‘Get More Unlimited’ Plan includes 75GB of Premium Data, 30GB of Mobile Hotspot Data. This plan includes Apple Music which is 90% of what we use for drive days. This plan also includes Disney+ which is one of Braxton’s favorite apps.

Thousand Trails Cost and Breakdown

We have the Elite Collection Membership. here is the breakdown of our cost:

Downpayment: $600.00 (Downpayment on the Elite Basic Membership)
Annual Dues:    $499.00  (Annual Thousand Trails Dues)
Trails Coll.         $299.00  (Annual Trails Collection Dues)
Upgraded:         $265.00 (Difference to upgrade to Elite Collections Membership)
Monthly             $968.58  (Total of Monthly payments to date)
Total:               $2,805.20  (Total to date)

Divided by 150 nights to date, is $18.70 per night!


Looking for Input!

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