July was spent in South Dakota so we could change our Residency. After spending July 4th with Red White and Bethune and getting our new South Dakota Drivers Licenses, we set off to the UP to spend the rest of the month with friends and get some much-needed repairs done.

Here is a list of our Stays!
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Rent Cost

We spent a total of $574.60 on rent for the month of July, which is an average of $18.54 per night.


Lotdocked:              1 night
Moochdocked:     14 nights
Thousand Trails:   4 nights
KOA:                        4 nights
RV Parks:               8 nights


Solar/Batteries:     1 day
Full Hookups:     30 days


5: SD, IA, IL, WI, MI

Miles & Fuel

Total Miles:       2,154
Towed Miles:    1,558
Days Traveled:  5
States:                 5

Gallons of Premium: 210.11
Average Price Paid: $3.49/gal
Fuel Cost:              $754.22

Generator Fuel:      $0.00

Toll:                        $25.00
Parking:                 $  0.00



Laundromat:            $29.00
Laundromat Visits: 2
New Clothes:         $106.00

New Shoes for Jessa and Brax.


Groceries:      $  894.74
Restaurants:  $  373.74

Total:              $1,268.48


Video coming soon on us switching our Residency to South Dakota.

RV Connectivity

We currently run a Cricket Wireless SIM for $55 per month for 100GB. Our RV setup consists of a NETGEAR Nighthawk MR1100 SIM Card Router connected to two Proxicast High Gain, Wide-Band, Omni-Directional Antennas.

We had to get more GB this month so our total was $220 instead of the usual $55.

Phones and Devices

$252 for two iPhones 11Pro on the ‘Get More Unlimited’ Plan and one iPad on the Unlimited Plan. This includes monthly payments on the iPhones!
The ‘Get More Unlimited’ Plan includes 75GB of Premium Data, 30GB of Mobile Hotspot Data. This plan includes Apple Music which is 90% of what we use for drive days. This plan also includes Disney+ which is one of Braxton’s favorite apps.

Thousand Trails Cost and Breakdown

We have the Elite Collection Membership which we paid off.

In total, we have spent 225 nights in a TT at a cost of $49.99 per night thus far.

Looking for Input!

Something missing? Are you looking for some numbers that we haven’t shared? Please message us on Social Media!