March started in Savannah, Georiga as we were looking at a new travel trailer. After putting a deposit down and sleeping over it, we decided we did not like the build quality, got our deposit back, and committed to keeping Spirit (our trailer). What that new mindset, we started changing and fixing things to make her work better. More on that in Miscilaniouse expenses below.
After Savannah, we headed to Madison, Florida for the Full Time Family Reunion Rally. What a week! Then we spend two weeks in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, hunkered down with our friends, the Bacons. We said goodby at the end of March to go hunker down for all of April in Franklin, North Carolina. Let’s hope COVID-19 passes by May!

Miles and Fuel

Total Miles: 1,311⠀
Towed Miles: 698⠀
Fuel Cost: $336.60⠀
Days Traveled: 4

GA Fuel Stats

Gallons of “Premium”: 55.83⚠️⠀
Average Price Paid: $2.44⠀
Total Gas Cost: $146.81⠀
Miles Driven: 692.2⠀
Average MPG: 11.3

⚠️Could not find premium on two occasions because of COVID19.

FL Fuel Stats

Gallons of Premium: 38.31⠀
Average Price Paid: $2.75⠀
Total Gas Cost: $105.10⠀
Miles Driven: 420.9⠀
Average MPG: 11.7⠀

NC Fuel Stats

Gallons of Premium: 29.14⠀
Average Price Paid: $2.90⠀
Total Gas Cost: $84.69⠀
Miles Driven: 360.1⠀
Average MPG: 13.4⠀


RV Parks: 31 Nights ⠀
Rent: $1,289.83


Full Hookups: 17 days⠀
Partial Hookups: 14 day⠀


4 nights in GA⠀
10 nights in FL⠀
2 nights in GA⠀
15 nights in NC⠀

We expected March to be expensive, especially because we were supposed to visit Jessa’s brother in the keys but plans changed due to Covid•19. We had two costly RV Parks and that really hit us hard. The FTF Reunion in Madison, Florida, the RV Park was $55.20 per night. We also hunkered down in NC at a KOA while we decided what our next move was, that was another $600.


Groceries: $1,163.70
Restaurants: $184.88

Groceries includes all household items.⠀
At the beginning of March we stocked up on groceries, not because of COVID19 but for the FTF Rally. ⠀
After the rally was over we stocked up for our initial 14 day ‘self quarantine’ & at the end of March we stocked up again for April’s 30 day ‘self quarantine’. ⠀


As we decided to keep Spirit (our trailer) we started to make some changes to get here ‘perfect’. One of the first upgrades she got was Battle Born Batteries!

Battle Born Batteries: $3,458.00

See the Instagram Post for March 2020 Stats