We spent the first 24 days of May still self-quarantining in Franklin, NC. Taking it week by week to see what is opening and where to go from here. On May 24th we finally said goodbye and drove over the Smokys to Tenessee to before continuing north into Kentucky. Our goal for this summer is still Maine!

See the Instagram Post for May 2020 Stats

Type & Cost

RV Park: 2 nights
Campground: 2 nights

Total ‘Rent’: $604.36


Full Hookups: 24 days
Partial Hookups: 7 days


24 nights in NC
5 nights in TN
2 nights in KY

Miles & Fuel

Total Miles: 834.7
Towed Miles: 346
Days Traveled: 2
States: NC, TN, KY

Gallons of Premium: 64.84
Average Price Paid: $2.20/gal
Fuel Cost: $136.80



Groceries: $1,095.92
Restaurants: $0.00

We are now separating household supplies from our grocery bill so that is strictly food! Its a bit higher since we started to eat a bit more healthy but we are happy with this budget!


Laundromat: $32.75
Laundromat Visits: 2
New Clothes: $172.34

Our clothes bill has definitely increased living on the road. Obviously we now have to pay to wash our laundry but we also need to constantly purchase new clothes. It’s not that our clothes go bad, its that we do not have the appropriate clothes for the weather, hiking, etc… This could be just because we are from Arizona. Having a 6-year-old that’s growing like a week does not help.

RV Connectivity

$60 per month for Unlimited AT&T through OTR Mobile. This is truly unlimited (no throttling) and we use an average of 15 Gigs ber day! Our RV setup consists of a NETGEAR Nighthawk MR1100 SIM Card Router connected to two Proxicast High Gain, Wide-Band, Omni-Directional Antennas.
A writeup of our setup is coming soon!

Phones and Devices

$244.28 for two iPhones 11Pro on the ‘Get More Unlimited’ Plan and one iPad on the Unlimited Plan. This includes monthly payments on the iPhones!
The ‘Get More Unlimited’ Plan includes 75GB of Premium Data, 30GB of Mobile Hotspot Data. This plan includes Apple Music which is 90% of what we use for drive days. This plan also includes Disney+ which is one of Braxton’s favorite apps.


$164.57 in Camping gear like a bug screen gazebo.

We also bought a Thousand Trails membership… write up coming on that.

Looking for Input!

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