In November we tried something new, stay at an RV Park for an entire month to get the monthly rate. This was a significant saving since it brought our daily rent to $18.34 including full hookups (yes, even electric). It was nice to slow down, relax a bit, and spend some time with good friends.   AND YES, it did snow in New Mexico!

Miles and Fuel

We towed 531 miles in the first two days of November which was on our drive from Phoenix, AZ to Alburquorque, NM. We drove a total of 1,202.6 miles wich was mostly exploring and running errands in and around Alburquorque. Our total cost for fuel was $288.16 for the month.

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NM Fuel Stats

Gallons of Premium: 100.98 ⠀
Average Price Paid: 2.86 ⠀
Total Gas Cost: 288.16 ⠀
Miles Driven: 1202.6 ⠀
Average MPG: 12.5


We Boondocked for one night on November 1st using only battery power. The rest of the month we stayed at a KOA wich cost us a total of $531.86 including full hookups.

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For November we spent $1,287 on Groceries and $708 on Restaurants WAY TOO MUCH!!! Not making any excuses but this did include a ton of healthy foods since we all were sick for the first week of the month as well as Thanksgiving dinner for a party of seven.

Unexpected Expenses

Initially we had a portable Traeger for cooking but between power consumption, time to cook food, and wether or not a bbq/fire was allowed, it just did not work out for us so we switched to a Blackstone. Since we are full electric and do not have propane, we needed to get a new 20lb propane bottle to top it off.

Internet really hasn’t been bad, even boondocking, so this really wasn’t expected. We knew that sooner or later we needed to upgrade (more like figure out) our internet connectivity, especially for work. It took us forever to decide on a good solution but we finally went with OTR’s Unlimited AT&T plan.
Our phones run on ‘Unlimited’ Verizon so we wanted to fill the network gap (incase Verizon did not have service in our area) with AT&T.
We ended up going with the Netgear NightHawk MR1100 with our own Antenna setup consisting of two Proxicast High Gain, Wide-Band, Omni-Directional Antennas. A writeup and review of the setup will be out in January on our website.

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