For October we improved on our budget and statistic keeping, primarily to breakdown our fuel costs as well as recording how many days we are on full solar vs hookups, etc… Take a look!

Miles and Fuel

We towed a total of 1,247 miles and explored a total of 883 miles. Bringing our total miles driven in October to 2,130 miles which cost us $754 in fuel. We traveled 11 days through California and into Arizona.

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CA Fuel Stats

Gallons of Premium: 119
Average Price Paid: $4.12
Total Gas Cost: $487.69
Miles Driven: 1,288
Average MPG: 11

AZ Fuel Stats

Gallons of Premium: 84
Average Price Paid: $3.17
Total Gas Cost: $265.63
Miles Driven: 951
Average MPG: 12.3


October was different for us as we needed to stay in the city for an event and to meet up with family, so Boondocking wasn’t an option as most Boondocking in California is quite far out of the city.
– 14 Days Full Hookups
– 4 Days Partial Hookups
– 2 Days Generator Needed
– 11 Days on Full Solar

After meeting up with family in Ventura we went north out of the big cities to Sequoia National Park. We stayed a couple of days until the cold nights drove us to head south through Joshua Tree National Park and back to Arizona.

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For October we did a bit better on food and spent $752 on groceries and $597 on Restaurants.

Unexpected Expenses

Yea, this one hurt and brings home the point of having an Emergency Fund! Long story short, the factory truck tires were not up to the amount of towing we were doing and thus started to leak air. After the tire incident, we needed to upgrade our TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System).
Winter clothing… what can we say… we did not have any!
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