Yes, we did officially hit the road in August of 2019 but to be honest, August was so hectic with trying to finish the trailer, unexpected repairs, and just life in general that we ended up not sharing any statistics BUT we do have them here on our Blog! We started to keep better track of our budget in September and all the numbers (except for food… okay, restaurants) looked promising. Our budget needs work, no doubt about it but it was a better start than anticipated. Okay, enough writing let’s get to it!

Miles and Fuel

We towed a total of 1,152 miles and explored (more like running to the parts store) a total of 963 miles. Bringing our total miles driven in September to 2,115 miles which cost us $582 in fuel.

We promiss to do a better job of breaking down our fuel costs in the future!

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September 1st we arrived at the Grand Tetons and ended up Boondocking for 11 nights. We moved on to West Yellowstone to Boondock for 2 nights. On our way to Twin Falls, we Harvest Hosted for one night at the Museum of Clean. The rest of September was spent at RV Parks, except for our first night in California. We couldn’t find a place to stay so we overnighted at a Cracker Barrel.

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Food… well, food. What can we say? Somehow we spent our usual on groceries even thou we pretty much went out to a restaurant every day. Groceries were $828 and Restaurants were a whopping $1,223 for September. OUCH!
Getting food under control will be difficult because we want to try EVERYTHING!